Fondest hellos again, fellow cinephiles and word-lovers. Come in, take a seat, the midnight showing is about to begin...

It's with bittersweetness that we announce that this will be the final showing of the night, and indeed, for the foreseeable future. We have been humbled and so, so proud to have had the opportunity to read and publish works from a cast of brilliantly talented poets, writers, film critics, film lovers, and film makers over the past two years. However, as with all things in life, eventually the credits roll out, the reel flickers to an end and, sitting in the darkened theater, we know we must make our way in an orderly fashion to the exit, even with the final parting words of the hero and closing score still ringing in our ears. Such has it become with Magic Lantern Review; though we have had a wonderful two-year run, for a variety of reasons, this particular flick has run its course, and Issue 5 will be our final issue.

We could not have asked to go out with a more fantastic bang. Featuring fantastic poetry from Catherine E. Bailey, Jim Davis, Carly Steele, Paul Bernstein, and Brendan Sullivan, along with film writing from Winnie Khaw, taking us from Tokyo to Versailles, from from Spielberg to film noire, from late nights to early mornings, explosive encounters to unceremonious endings.

From us, with all the thanks in the world, to you, the spellbound audience and the dancing light on the screen.